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Mini Triple Shot Mascara

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    A mascara that instantly lengthens, volumizes, defines and curls to brighten, enhance, and enlarge the appearance of the eyes. Wake up your makeup and workout your lashes with Triple Shot Mascara. The unique starfish-shaped brush design features a fraction of the rows of bristles found on a conventional mascara wand, allowing for excess formula to remain in between the rows and transfer onto the root of the lashes. The firm, comb-like bristles coat a generous amount of product onto every lash, creating effortlessly thick, curled, and glossy lashes without clumping. This mascara doesn't flake, fade, or fall out, it stays put so when it's time to remove, simply use a gauze pad with an oil-based makeup remover, and in a few short swipes, it'll be all gone.

    To apply mascara: * While looking into mirror, tilt chin up so eyes are looking downward. * Place Triple Shot Mascara™ wand firmly to the base of the lash line. * Wiggle slightly to apply a generous amount for formulation at the root of the lashes then slowly pull the wand through to tips. * Push and stretch: Be sure to apply continuous pressure to lashes with brush as though you are combing lashes strait upward. This will ensure maximum curl. * Repeat.

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1 review


Volumizing and lengthening, especially for the sparse Chinese Asian lash. Not mentioned on packaging, but I think it is waterproof as I tend to have watery eyes and it doesn't seem to smudge on me. Pretty long-lasting too. Downside is it tends to be on the thick and clumpy side so wipe wand off its excess before application or apply with a very light hand.

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