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    Boosts the effects of mascara by giving lashes unprecedented volume. The curved part follows the shape of the eye to boost the effects of mascara. It enables lashes to be gripped at the base and creates unprecedented volume with each coat. The comb side separates lashes and leaves them perfectly defined.


    • Promotes lash volumising

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    • Place the curved part at the level of the upper lashes to protect the eyelid.
    • Apply layers of mascara and load your lashes by pressing the curved part.

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ratings & reviews
5 reviews

Not worth the effort

While this is a great idea, it just doesn't work. It requires too much effort in order to actually use this. The shaping doesn't fit my eye very well and it is really hard to hold it in place and put mascara on at the same time. The brush also isn't great, bristles are too far apart so don't really seperate my lashes. I may give this a few more tries but really can't see it being of any use 

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Love the comb, the shield not so much

I guess there's a bit of a learning curve in using this. Up to now I still don't know how to comfortably use the shield while holding the mascara wand--I'm just not ambidextrous. I love the comb on the other end though. It really does the work of separating my lashes whenever they get clumps of mascara.

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This handy tool made of silver-grey plastic , it really does it job of maximizing the effect the mascara. However the curve not really fits  with the shape of my eyes and I usually use the comb side to separate the lashes. Well worth the money, it's cheap, gets the job done and saves time too ;)

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It really works !

This is one of those gadgets that you buy out of curiosity and afterwards wonder how you ever did your mascara without it. It is foldable and can be brought anywhere for touch ups, looks sleek and not cheap, and the small comb extends my eyelahes and makes it look longer than it is. I'm thinking of buying several to give as stocking stuffers this Christmas.

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Brilliant Product

This lash amplifier really helps me when applying mascara. It make it easy when I want to apply the mascara without any messy and smear. No more watery eyes. The size is perfect when you fold it. Highly recommended to all. 

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