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Rouge Infusion Lip Stain

3 reviews

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02 Rosewood Elixir

05 Fuchsia Concentrate

06 Coral Extract

07 Strawberry Tint

15 Rosebud

16 Blush

17 Petal

19 Peony

20 Dusty Rose

21 Chestnut

02 Rosewood Elixir 05 Fuchsia Concentrate 06 Coral Extract 07 Strawberry Tint 15 Rosebud 16 Blush 17 Petal 19 Peony 20 Dusty Rose 21 Chestnut

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    Complete look with a vibrant shade. This lip stain delivers rich colour payoff without leaving a sticky after-feel. Unlike some lip products, this one layers on beautifully. Upon application, your lips will feel soft and supple.


    • Buildable formula
    • Contains a lightweight texture
    • Free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates

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    • For a perfect lip shape, you may outline your lips with a liner similar to your lip colour. *
    • Apply a single drop of lip stain onto centre of your lips and spread it out to the edge.

All of our products are 100% authentic

ratings & reviews
3 reviews

17 Petal - Disappointed

I had this in Petal. It had a very strong raspberry-like odor, and was very lightly-tinted. The pigment also did not buildup even on layering. It also induced allergic reactions on my lips upon application, my lips felt burning. 

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20 Dusty Rose - Not for me

Didn't like the smell of this product (medicine-like)and the texture feels great on application but I'm sure I was doing something really wrong because it kind of balled up and went really wrong on my lips.   I may have put too much on in an effort to get color pay-off - but any less meant not color just a funky tint (funky as in not good!) Different strokes for different folks

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06 Coral Extract - Most disappointing

I bought this in the shade Coral Extract, alas it was anything but coral or even pink. Instead, when I unwrapped it from its packaging, it was a hideous dark purple berry that did not look like the lip stain from reviews online. I'm not sure if it had gone bad or oxidised in the warehouse. I had contacted the Luxola team about this but they're taking a really long time to get back to me so right now, I'm stuck with this terribly unwearable lip stain - disappointed with the product and Luxola's service! 

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