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Led 15x Lighted Mirror

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    This innovative, lighted 15x magnifying mirror is optically correct and clear from edge-to-edge with no distortion — and lighted around the entire perimeter for total, crystal clarity. Ideal for tweezing, makeup application or contact lens insertion. Suction cups attach to any smooth, clean surface. Perfect for home or travel. 

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3 reviews

Lighted Magnifying Mirror

This mirror magnify your pores and makes it easy for one to remove blackhead along with the tweezerman ultra precision tweezer! The complaint I have though, is the lousy manufacturing quality of the mirror! The part where the batteries are stored is faulty. I can't cover the battery cap proper, as such, the lights for the mirror cannot function properly without sufficient contact with the batteries! This is so troublesome.....Tweezerman needs to do quality checks on their mirrors :(

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Led 15x Lighted mirror

Whoever invent  this mirror , he is brilliant. Being a short sighted, I really need magnifying mirror especially when to apply eye blow and eye liner. Now, I can perfectly draw my brow with the help from lighted magnifying mirror. Ohhh ... its come with the battery too. 

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oh lord

i was so excited to get this one as im intrigued to find out how would i look like in a 15x lighted mirror. and let me tell you, OH MY GOD! i havent seen myself look so ugly until just now. ahha. the mirror really puts attention on ALL my flaws. every single pore and hair is VISIBLE!!! i just cant. its like miracle. a super dope tool because i can look closely at the condition of my skin. a must have!!!!

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