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American Crew

Power Cleanser Style Remover

6 reviews

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    Frequent hair styling may cause build up in your scalp. This high-performance shampoo promises to cleanse your hair and improve its texture. Unhealthy hair can affect your mood. Feel refreshed after a long day with Power Cleanser Style Remover!


    • Removes even the strongest product build up in the scalp
    • Treats and cleanses hair well
    • Creates additional body, shine and texture for the hair
    • Cools and refreshes the scalp

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    Wheat Protein, Panama Bark Extract, Rosemary Extract.

    • Wet your hair with warm water. Make sure the water is not too hot.
    • Massage a coin-sized amount of Power Cleanser Style Remover into hair and scalp.
    • Using your fingertips, work in a firm circular motion from the front of the scalp, down to the back of the neck and up along the sides towards the temples. 
    • Leave in for two minutes and rinse off the shampoo completely with running water.
    • If you have longer hair, use a wide-tooth comb to remove tangles and smoothen hair.
    • Dry your hair with a towel by patting or stroking. Never rub your hair back and forth in circles as this action is damaging to the hair.

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ratings & reviews
6 Reviews

450 ML - 450mls

personally I love this shampoo, it makes my scalp clean whithout drying out my hair, I guess it is also suitable for women as well. the downside of this shampoo is it contained sls which is not so good for us, i guess we cant avoid this cause this is not organic products. Will considered to purchase bigger bottle in the future

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250 ML - Official supplier to Men?

When I received this item i am quite surprise the word : Official supplier to men". It is meant for men only? It is important to deep clean our scalp and remove  all the additional product we use to style our hair like heat protecting gel or hair spay etc. I give a try and it does make my hair cleaner and shiner. For men or women I dont border.  

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450 ML - cleanser

I have never found anything that takes all the hair spray out of my hair. THis product I had gotten as a smaple and ended up buying the big bottle. I love it and use it every time If I wax my hair.It does have a male smell to it. But I also wash with my normal shampoo and conditioner afterwards.

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250 ML - The shampoo!

It has that strong mature American smell. I guess it's what the brand is targeting for.I kind of agree regarding its function to washed away all those superglue. But just not sure if its good for your hair scalp in the long run. Will it be "too strong" kind of product? 

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250 ML - So-so product

I bought this product because I need to find something to remove (daily) the hair product (cream, wax, depending on what I was using). Some of these hair product are so resilient that even the Phyto shampoo doesn't remove them. Maybe I have very high expectations for a product that claim to remove the build-up in the hair, that after washing once (coz the instruction doesn't say to repeat), that I would be get back my 'original' hair 'feeling/texture'. However, my hair still feels sticky/gritty. I now normally wash twice (wet hair, use product, wash off and repeat) followed by my usual conditioner. Only then, I think it does remove the hair care product and softens my hair back to original condition. Would I recommend to buy? Probably not unless there is a good sale and you can try it for yourself. No hair is the same. May work better for others. 

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250 ML - Great for removing wax!

Bought a small bottle to try it out. This is a fantastic shampoo that can really remove hard to remove wax. All in just one wash. My scalp felt really cool and minty after. Will definitely be getting the large bottle. The smell is really great as well.

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