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Eye Makeup in Hong Kong

It is said that eyes are the windows of the soul. When enhanced by makeup, they create an even more powerful appeal through the combination of colours and different strokes.

Sephora offers a wide assortment of eye makeup to serve your specific needs. Whether in need of a stunning eyeshadow palette, a perfectly pointed eyeliner or a voluminous mascara, your eye makeup will always be just the way you want it, with Sephora’s huge selection of beauty products. Additionally, we also offer eye primers, under eye concealers, eyebrow products, eye makeup tools, and false lashes.

Take your pick from our bestselling eyeshadow palettes featuring: Becca's Ombre Rouge Eye Palette, theBalm's NUDE 'tude, and Luscious' I Love Eyeshadow Palette. These palettes provide basic to sophisticated cololurs, which are suited for both beginners and professionals alike. Meanwhile, items such as Eyeshadow Trio Palette by ModelCo and DuWop Eyes Palette by DuWop are highly recommended for their simple and convenient use. These eyeshadows are made with shades that are wearable in any occasion. With Sephora, we offer a significant variety of eye makeup products that allows you to create a whole range of differing styles and effects your their eyes.

Eyeliners also add a subtle effect to your eye makeup by creating fine details that enhance the shape of your eyes. For rookies, go for theBalm's Schwing, NUDESTIX's Sheer Eye Color and Luscious' Bold Intense Eyeliner Pencil, which feature an ergonomic design making these eyeliners easy to use.

Top off your eye makeup with full-on mascara or false lashes. We offer a good range from famous brands like Benefit Cosmetics and K-Palette among others. For mascaras that are smudge-proof and do not clump, we recommend: Natural Definition Mascara, Mega Volume Mascara and Cheater!. Furthermore, for an additional lengthening and volumising function, SEPHORA COLLECTION's Outrageous Curl Mascara and They're Real! Lengthening Mascara by Benefit Cosmetics both provide your lashes with a more dramatic look. Finally, for those who desire an even fuller spread of lashes, Fashion Lash and Invisibands do well to create a subtle yet visible differences to your eyes.

Discover more eye makeup when you explore Sephora. Choose from the many brands and products offered at enticing prices. Experience for yourself the best in online shopping at Sephora, where all your products are delivered swiftly from us to you.

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