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Tools & Brushes | Sephora Hong Kong

Without our handy tools and brushes, we risk looking wild and   unkempt. Think about not having a hair brush or a comb to untangle and brush your hair in the morning. Thankfully, such distresses are easily avoided with the help of useful tools and brushes brought to you by Sephora! We have essential makeup brushes and applicators, hair tools, small tools such as manicure and pedicure tools, eyelash curlers and tweezers, as well as bags and travel cases to store and organize all your items in one convenient hand-carry.

Makeup brushes and applicators are great as they provide a clean and hygienic means of applying makeup. Therefore, consider investing in a good set of makeup brushes. For quality brush sets, Sephora has: ZOEVA's Luxe Prime Set and their BAMBOO Luxury Set (8 brushes), as well as Luscious Cosmetics' Essential Brush Set and Real Techniques' Nic's Picks.

Whereas, another clean and easy application of makeup is by using makeup sponges and sponge applicators. Ecotools offers a 20pc Cosmetic Applicator set that includes three different-sized sponge applicators, designed for specific makeup application. These small and light sponge applicators also make it convenient to carry them around for touching up on one's makeup anytime of the day.

Additionally, don't miss out on other well-loved tools such as Tangle Teezer's Original Pink Fizz, which is designed to eliminate tangles and minimize hair breakage. Another "essential" tool for giving your lashes a dramatic curl would also be 3CE's eyelash curler.

Sephora brings you an extensive range of tools for daily usage, which are all assured of high quality. Shop with Sephora to enjoy a stress-free shopping experience, authentic product quality and fast delivery timings!

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