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How to improve your brow game with brow-raising techniques for perfect arches | Sephora Hong Kong

Raise your brows to the tools and techniques that make eyebrow shaping a breeze. From big and bold to ultra-defined, get the perfect eyebrows of your dreams with the the best eyebrow powders, eyebrow pencils, eyebrow gels and eyebrow tools essential in any eyebrow kit.

  • Eyebrow Powder: Use an eyebrow powder to fill in fine, sparse-looking brows and build fullness. Try using a flat, angled brush along the bottom of the arch to start, then build and blend to desired eyebrow shape. Make sure to match the true colour of your natural brow hair to achieve thick eyebrows that actually look like yours. For even more dimension, use two shades: one to fill in sparse areas, the other slightly lighter to mimic how brow cast shadows on the skin.

  • Eyebrow Pencil: For more precise eyebrow shaping and defining, use an eyebrow pencil. To get the most natural shape possible, start by applying gentle pressure with short, even strokes. Then layer, build and blend gradually to get a fuller look without harsh, unnatural-looking edges. Adding a bit of highlighter just below the brow along the brow bone will help make your brow work stand out.

  • Eyebrow Gel: If you’re using an eyebrow gel or an eyebrow tint to get your biggest, boldest brow possible, make sure to first remove excess product from the applicator. This makes it easier to brush the gel through your brows and will help ensure that the final look is more natural. Use shorter strokes in the direction of your hair growth to distribute the gel more evenly and target specific areas you really want to pop.

No matter what eyebrow product you use to shape, fill or define, always groom first by combing through with a clean spoolie in the direction of hair growth. Try a clear setting gel as the final step to keep those perfectly groomed eyebrows on fleek all day. Shop online at Sephora Hong Kong to get started!

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