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Makeup Brushes | Sephora Hong Kong

Not everyone can be a professional makeup artist, but you can deliver the same results for your looks with the right tools. Even if you don’t reckon your makeup regime requires the whole range of makeup tools, here are some basic brushes every cosmetic user should own, and how they help make you look picture-perfect! Learn about the different types of makeup brushes in our Makeup Brush Guide.


What is a powder brush: Powder brushes have soft bristles with a large, fluffy and dome-shaped brush head. Loosely packed, it helps to pick up and distribute the right amount of powder on your face for a flawlessly natural finish.

How to use a powder brush: Swipe your brush into compact or loose powder, lightly tap off the excess, and swirl it on your face in circular motions. The brush can be used to apply your blush or bronzer too. Simply apply in a sweeping motion from your cheek up to your temple.


What is a stippling brush: Stippling brushes usually have two-toned bristles: a black base with pointed white bristles at the top. The stiff, flat surface of the brush enables a wider and more even coverage.

How to use a stippling brush: It can be used to apply foundation, blush, and powder. Move the brush in a circular motion, or gently pat it all over your face in a dotting or bouncing motion, for a smooth and even finish.


What is a blending brush: Blending brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes but can be identified by their tapered heads and soft, fine and densely-packed bristles.

How to use a blending brush:Use this brush to blend different eye colours or highlight the brow bone. It can also be used to blend concealer under the eyes.


What is an angled brush: Angled brush bristles are short and cut in an angle, and are gathered to form a thin tip that mimics a pencil.

How to use an angled brush: This brush is perfect for precision shading or lining. Use it to line your eyes, brows or lips. It can also be used to blend and smudge your makeup in harder-to-reach creases and areas like your lower lash line.


What is an eyeshadow brush: Eyeshadow brush bristles are large, brimming, and slightly rounded for overall eyeshadow coverage with just one swipe.

How to use an eyeshadow brush: Swipe eyeshadow colour from the inner to outer corners along the lower halves of your eyelids. Do a once-over sweep over your eyelids to blend or even out creases, or even to create a more dramatic, fuller look.

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